Pavlov's Cat (othellia) wrote,
Pavlov's Cat

Game of Thrones - A Doctor Who (Re)Cast (2/2)

Second half of my massive Doctor Who/Game of Thrones (re)cast for throneland. 23 characters from Game of Thrones, all cast with new actors from either Doctor Who, Torchwood, or the Sarah Jane Adventures. All I can say is that I'm totally picspam'ed out now and will probably just do the minimum for max points in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy. <3

As a warning, there's a minor spoiler for a Clash of Kings (the 2nd series/book) regarding a character who first shows up there, but I couldn't resist it since it was too perfect and you might not even notice it if you don't know what/who you're looking for.


From Across the Narrow Sea

Meanwhile at the Center of Westeros

The Residents of Winter

The Tyrells and Friends

Tags: fandom: !picspam, fandom: asoiaf, fandom: doctor who
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