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Happy Birthday Diana Rigg!

Also, I just realized that today is Dame Diana Rigg's birthday. She turned 73 today (and I'm counting today as July 20th because it still is the 20th here in Hawaii). You do not know who Diana Rigg is? Shame on you, she has been in my default icon for over a year now.

But seriously, Diana Rigg is a fierce woman who used to star in the most awesome show ever, the Avengers. No, not that Marvel thing with Iron Man and Captain America and the like; I'm talking about the original 60's British cult TV series. Here is the opening, which is also my cellphone's ring tone.

And some more flawlessness, just because. Happy birthday, you fabulous woman.

Torchwood: Miracle Day (Episode 2) Thoughts

So I'm going to start of by saying that I was a bit underwhelmed with the first episode of Miracle Day. There was nothing fundamentally wrong with the episode to me, just a bit too much generic "action" for the Torchwood I'd come to known. Yes, the original two seasons of Torchwood were incredibly cheesy and ridiculous at times, but that was part of its charm. The first episode of Miracle Day presented an interesting concept but nothing quite... memorable, so to speak. However I know RTD and Julie Gardner and I know Eve Myles and John Barrowman, so I decided to give the next episode a chance.

And boy did it deliver. Once again I was faced with situations where I started to wonder if that was even remotely possible but quickly shut myself up saying, "Who even cares. It's AWESOME."

In short, "Welcome to Torchwood."


I'm surprised to say that I have a lot more anticipation for next week than I have right now for "Let's Kill Hitler." Maybe that's just because it's right around the corner versus another month or two, and maybe not. All I can say is that I think I'm going to be well satisfied for the rest of the summer.
So, second of so far two picspams. I might go back and make one for the Doctor's Wife. As it is, I really seem to only want to take the time to make these when I have stuff about the episode I want to talk about.

The pirate episode was fun, but not in a super-fun-times-analysis kind of way... and the Gangers episodes... Don't get me started on them. Most of what I didn't like about this episode can be traced back to those two episodes. Or rather, "Pacing. How Does It Work?" I go into slightly more detail below the cut.

Also, other stuff I didn't like I tended not to include in the picspam since I didn't want to waste time on stuff I didn't like. So it's pretty much all weighted towards the positive incase you're wondering.

Definitely not my favorite Moffat episode, but still pretty good.

bunch of images below cutCollapse )
Gosh knows there have been enough thoughts and picspams surrounding the new Doctor Who episodes, so here are mine together as one post. Icons will be posted in my icon journal sometime later this week.


6MB of images and spoilers below the cutCollapse )

Anyways, that's it. Hope you enjoyed and perhaps I'll do a similar recap for next week's episode as well.

Megacon (Saturday) - Doctor Who Meetup

So, late report is late, but I've been a busy and as they say, "Better late than never." For purposes of size, this will be split into three parts: Doctor Who Meetup (saturday), Doctor Who/Ninja Olympics (sunday), and everything else.

This is my first not!f-locked post in awhile, and hopefully there will be more to come. As my flickr account scrambled the order slightly, I tried to put it back into chronological order as much as possible. Feel free to comment and point out if you're in any of the pictures. (I'm the VoV Amy in the denim jacket.)

That said, it's time for some cosplay.

around 30 photos below cutCollapse )

For more photos and bigger sizes, see my gallery at flickr.

Midterms and My Little Ponies

So I've got three projects due and a midterm tomorrow and I think I'm on a track to success, but more time is always appreciated. I also have three classes today and was planning on going to all three of them even though I didn't want to, but when I checked my school email two of them were canceled. And of the one that wasn't canceled, I needed to ask the professor of the class a question about the assignment anyway.

Yay! And once tomorrow is over, it's smooth sailing until Spring Break.

Also, I'm glad I ignored my alarm clock today and went back to sleep because when I did, I dreamt that I was Amy Pond, the Doctor and I were captured by Sontarans, and then we - and all the other people they captured - were rescued by My Little Ponies. :D

I'm starting a dream journal because of it.

ETA: Oh and there was a part in my dream where my LJ layout changed on me (wtfself?).

Drama for the Sake of Drama

It's been a while since I ranted, right? Well, I found a perfect topic to rant about today.

See, I've always been a fan of Tim Burton. Sure his more recent films have been a little lackluster... but his films of the late 80's and early 90's have always been some of my favorites. The only one I didn't have clear memories was Edward Scissorhands and that's because I only saw it once as a child and - of that - only bits and pieces. So, when I went over to my sister's house this weekend and she had it on DVD, I naturally borrowed it.

And I finally got around to watching it today. And I have some not so pleasant opinions.

Opinions below cut; spoilers for a 20 year old movie.Collapse )

And... now I need to get to bed since it's past 2AM in the morning.

May. 19th, 2010

It's official.

Every single one of my OTPs end up as non-canon, unrequited, separated for all time, or dead by the end of the series. (Except for Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy... which is a nearly 200 years old pairing so it doesn't really count.)

It's like I'm trying to give myself a broken heart.

And the worst part is that it carries over into my original writing. I think I have two happy pairings out of all my stories, and even the people in one those two pairings have to be reincarnated several times before it works out okay.

What is wrong with me?

Apr. 4th, 2010

So I meant to update on April 3rd. Since April 3rd's my birthday. And this entry is my 200th entry.

But then I started watching the new Doctor Who episode. And then I had to make macros for the new Doctor Who episode. And then I stared making icons for the new Doctor Who episode.

And by the time I looked up at the clock, it was already past midnight and April 4th.

So... yeah.

Happy Easter everyone?
So... I've seen the newest Avatar trailer (and by "Avatar," I mean "the Last Airbender;" I'm old school like that). If you've been under a rock and haven't seen it yourself, it's located here.

And after viewing it, I've had... many thoughts. Many of them were unfunny. Most of them were unfunny. But because I figured the world has had enough unfunny responses to the trailer, I strived to put my unfunny thought into a slightly less unfunny form.

And really, there's only one way that I know of anymore...

I finally get to use my GTFO icon after all this time!Collapse )


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