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Due to several events and multiple reasons, I have decided to make my whole journal, with the exception of the Eragon jabs from thousands of years ago, private. Feel free to ask to be my friend, but if your journal is either newly made or I haven't seen you around on the various communities I frequent, chances are that I won't add you.

The TARDIS approves.
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Thoughts on Les Miserables, the Movie

So I pretty much have to start with I think the musical is flawless, so most of this will be comparison between the musical and film as well as my thoughts on each individual actor. I'm mostly acquainted with the 25th Anniversary in terms of soundtrack I listen to most often, so if you see a lot of comparison's with that in particular, now you know. (Also Norm Lewis and Alfie Boe are a spectacularly fantastic Javert and Valjean who - not only shine in their own right - but really mesh well together as a forever encircling yin/yang.)


General Movie Thoughts:
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Individual Actor Thoughts:
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Whew... and I think that's it.
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So I started getting emails today from a facebook group I had no recollection of joining. Turns out someone else added me and I have the option of "leaving" if I so wish it.


Really? It's not like I use the site that much anyway except to keep tabs of who's uploading what pictures of me, but still. Did they really implement a feature that allows other people to make decisions for your account? Whatever happened to just the basic invite/request? I don't care if users are able to reverse those decisions later; it's still fucked up.
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Game of Thrones - A Doctor Who (Re)Cast (2/2)

Second half of my massive Doctor Who/Game of Thrones (re)cast for throneland. 23 characters from Game of Thrones, all cast with new actors from either Doctor Who, Torchwood, or the Sarah Jane Adventures. All I can say is that I'm totally picspam'ed out now and will probably just do the minimum for max points in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy. <3

As a warning, there's a minor spoiler for a Clash of Kings (the 2nd series/book) regarding a character who first shows up there, but I couldn't resist it since it was too perfect and you might not even notice it if you don't know what/who you're looking for.


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Game of Thrones - A Doctor Who (Re)Cast (1/2)

Once again, another challenge for throneland. This time it was to (re)cast the characters of Game of Thrones. I put a little spin on mine and decided to do all my recasting with only actors that have been in DW/TW/SJA. The max we had to cast for points was ten. I ended up with 46 because WHY NOT. Of those, 23 are posted here; the rest will be in a second post coming tomorrow.

Also, I'll be posting my thoughts on the progression of Miracle Day tomorrow as well.

Some of the existing Game of Thrones actors don't quite match my mental image. Some of them haven't been cast yet. Others characters - like Tyrion, Tywin, and Walder Frey (OMG DAVID BRADLEY WAS MY MENTAL IMAGE FOR HIM BEFORE THE HBO SERIES WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED) - are so spot on that any other casting couldn't possibly bring them any closer to the character.

Whatever. I recast them anyway.

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ASOIAF - Sansa (winter is coming)

Game of Thrones Fanmixes

Over at throneland there's a fanmix challenge going on and as a member of teamtargaryen, this is my entry.

I made two fanmixes: one Dany/Drogo and one Sansa mix. Both are a bit... well, different just based on the kind of music I listen to. Expect a bunch of contributions from obscure soundtracks and a lot of moon/sun references as well as "with me"s in the Dany/Drogo mix. Sansa's is primarily divided between "before" and "after" the execution. With both links, change "hxxp" to "http."

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